HPI is now offering Micro Point SOLUTIONS® by Cyberhair® !!!

This exciting new non-surgical procedure (for both men & women) uses micro-mini extensions that are light, comfortable and non-damaging. Cyberhair® is significantly stronger than natural growing hair, has moisture content, style memory, plus looks and behaves just like your own hair!

Micro Point Links are an invisible solution to fill in areas of the scalp where other extensions can’t. Our certified trained professional will knot the link to your hair strand, without the use of adhesives. Each link contains four Cyberhair hairs that will connect to your one single strand of growing hair.

Micro Point Solutions is totally unique from any other processes because?

Cyberhair is so lightweight and similar to growing human hair; you can’t feel it or differentiate it from your own hair.
Absolutely NO chemicals are used
Micro Point Link is a non-surgical process that can potentially volumize your hair by 400%

**With Micro Point Link, you can have up to 600 additional strands of hair added to your own growing hair… in just one hour!!! Check out our video and Call us TODAY (615)-662-8722 for a complementary consultation with our Micro Point Technician, Summer!

For more info on Micro Point SOLUTIONS® visit their web site
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