Is Folliculitis Causing You Discomfort, Hair Loss And Emotional Scarring?

All strands of hair originate from a follicle. When infection attacks the hair follicle, it can cause temporary or permanent hair loss and scarring. This is known as folliculitis, and can essentially affect any area of the body where hair is present although it most commonly affects the scalp, the face, and areas that tend to experience friction from clothing. When infection is concentrated to follicles on the head, it’s called “scalp folliculitis”, “acne necrotica miliaris”, or “proprionibacterium” folliculitis. Unfortunately, some severe cases of scalp folliculitis can result in temporary or permanent hair loss and scarring, which can be particularly alarming and upsetting. Consult a professional clinical or physician specializing in hair loss or conditions of the scalp.

What Could Have Led To My Folliculitis?

Caused by yeast or types of fungi, one can get folliculitis in a number of different ways, including:

  • Shaving
  • Wearing tight clothes—especially when sweating
  • Spending time in an improperly chlorinated hot tub or swimming pool
  • Using antibiotics or steroid creams for prolonged periods
  • Working with irritating substances—such as machine oils, makeup, cocoa butter tar or creosote—that can block the follicles
  • Having a wound that’s infected and spreads to nearby follicles
  • Having a disease like HIV or diabetes that lowers natural ability to fight infection

What Can I Do While I Wait For My Hair To Grow Back from Folliculitis?

Although you may not experience pain or discomfort with folliculitis, it can be incredibly scary, wondering when or if your hair will grow back. Here at HPIHair, we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible as you wait for regrowth. With our customized natural enhancement or natural scalp treatment options, we can help you every step of the regrowth process.

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