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Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

hair today, gone tomorrow

Is "wearing hair" really fashionable?

It’s October, yes, and Halloween is quickly approaching; but that’s no reason to be spooked by the thought of taking those 1st steps towards doing something about your hair loss.  Or, the option of simply enhancing your own hair. Although when the hair replacement industry first began, there were some pretty scary stories of their procedures and certainly no one wanted to look like they were wearing their Uncle John’s rug or Aunt Martha’s wig!

Many people have a slight complex around the thought of wearing hair, as thought there were something to be embarrassed about.

Hair Extension and Wearing Hear Statistics

Newly-released hair extension statistics reveal that almost 90% of women who wear extensions keep them a secret from friends and family. The research, undertaken by, discovered that over 1/3 of women use hair extensions as a regular part of their beauty regime, but 87% of those questioned didn’t tell anyone they were wearing them. More than 3/4 of those polled said that they wore extensions to add volume. Other reasons for wearing them including a desire to look more glamorous, the ability to change your style quickly and the fact they could be applied at home. With over 1/3 of women today wearing hair enhancements of some sort, it’s a surprise that there would be any shame or embarrassment to go along with such a regular part of our beauty regiment! Celebrities are constantly changing their appearance with hair enhancements, so why can’t we?

Nashville runway show use full and partial hair extensions
Nashville runway show use full and partial hair enhancements
Nashville runway show use full extensions

Hair Enhancements Showcased

In fact, HPIHair Partners has recently partnered with Sherri Renee, a Parisian Hair Enhancement artist and creator, who prides herself on fashion forward designs. With fashionistas like Sherri, HPIHair now offer a variety of beautiful daily wear enhancements with amazing colors, unique fits, and runway-ready options! We just did a Nashville high fashion runway show using full and partial hair enhancements. Not only were they the most beautiful heads of hair on the stage, but nobody had a clue it wasn’t their own natural hair!

With all of your new knowledge of the exciting, fashion-forward elements in the world of hair along with the stigmas that we broke with statistics of just how common it is in today’s society to wear hair; the last step is to call us today for your consultation and take these exciting next steps to getting the exact hair you’ve always dreamed of! We assure you–your relationship with your mirror will improve 100%!

“Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step!” -Naeem Calaway

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