Lupus and Hair Thinning & Loss

Lupus is one of the world’s cruelest and most unpredictable diseases. Unfortunately, scientists have yet to figure out why the human immune system sometimes becomes hyperactive and attacks normal, healthy tissue – which can make having lupus even more frustrating.

Not surprisingly, hair is not safe from the ravages of lupus either. Lupus creates antibodies that attack healthy tissues, including hair follicles. In fact, hair loss is sometimes an early sign of lupus, often noticed before the disease is diagnosed.

If you’ve been diagnosed with lupus and are experiencing thinning, brittle hair or you’re losing hair in clumps, we’re here to help. We offer a variety of treatment options that can give you back the density and volume you’ve been missing. You don’t have to hide lesions or bald patches with hats or scarves any longer!

Our Treatment Options for Lupus Hair Loss

Here at HPIHair, we have natural, premium-quality volumizers and hair additions that can restore your confidence and comfort. We also offer low light laser therapy, which works to stimulate healthy hair growth, without surgery. Whether you need a temporary or more permanent solution, HPIHair’s compassionate and knowledgeable consultants can create a customized treatment plan for you.

Has Lupus left you with thinning hair?

Hair loss as a result of lupus is not just something you are destined to live with when there are numerous solutions available to help you look and feel your best. Contact us today to restore your confidence.

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