A revolutionary new Hair Replacement Solution

MicroPoint Links by Cyberhair

This hair replacement solution is a non-surgical, lightweight, comfortable and non-damaging hair restoration procedure.

The Micro Point Link hair replacement solution featuring Cyberhair® fills in where other extensions can’t. Created for areas that are more visible, in this unique process the certified trained professional knots, without the use of adhesives, four Cyberhair hairs onto one single strand of growing hair. The knot is so micro-tiny, the added hair looks, feels and behaves just like the existing growing hair – if not better.


Quick. Easy. Painless.

The Micro Point Link Hair Replacement Solution is a non – surgical procedure for Men and Women, using a micro – mini extension. It is a lightweight, comfortable and non-damaging procedure that does not use glue or solvents in the application.


Micro Point Solutions by Cyberhair® has the only solution on the market that is very natural and very safe for men and women who have fine thin hair. It is the safest, most featherweight non-invasive hair loss solution. Micro Point Solutions is the healthy alternative solution to pump up and add considerable volume to fine, thin hair.

Micro Point Link

With Micro Point Link, you can have up to 600 additional strands of hair added to your own growing hair…in just one application. You can have thousands of additional strands of hair added quickly, easily restoring your confidence and your hair.

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Micro Point® Link can be a great way to cover thinning hair or just give yourself a boost for that special occasion you have coming up. Residents of Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities in Tennessee should contact HPIHair Partners to schedule a consultation and find out more about the Micro Point Link Hair Replacement Solution procedure.