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Microneedling + Growth Factors

Are you a male experiencing the gradual loss of hair and looking for a non-surgical solution? HPIHair Partners has a less invasive treatment for thinning hair. Microneedling the scalp with a serum of our proprietary blend of growth factors and copper peptides may be a great option for you. Microneedling allows the serum to penetrate the scalp and stimulate the growth of the hair follicles resulting in more voluminous and younger feeling hair.

How it works

For The Scalp

Before & After PRP 3


  • How Does It Work? – HPIHair Partners uses a serum of proprietary growth factors combined with copper peptides and microneedles this blend into the scalp. This formula penetrates the scalp and nourishes your hair follicles leaving you with luxurious, more lustrous, volumizing, thicker-looking hair. It delivers plumper, thicker looking and feeling hair, restoring fullness and vitality to hair.
  • Who Can Benefit? – Those who want to add thickness and incredible body to their hair. Our serum enriched with copper peptide and our proprietary growth factor ingredients help encourage more voluminous, younger-feeling hair, with visible results after just four weeks of weekly applications.
Thinning Hair For Men
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Before & After Microneedling with Growth Factors


Almost a decade ago, physicians began using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to speed healing and promote cell growth at wound sites. Platelet Rich Plasma, in combination with other treatments, can help promote a healthy head of hair.

There are many benefits of PRP.  For example, people that are living with thinning hair can benefits from PRP hair treatments, leading to a reduction of the rate of hair loss.  Also, hair can become thicker and have an improved texture following treatment.  It is common for general scalp health to be improved, leading to enhanced results of hair treatments. PRP treatments can greatly reduce, or eliminate….read more