Thicker, Fuller Hair in 4 Easy Steps

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Includes Products: Scalp Cleanser, Hair Revitalizer, Complete Amino Acid Nutritional Supplement, and Prescription Hair Follicle Simulator


Our one-of-a-kind hair maintenance program begins with a daily cleanser, revitalizer and aminoplex supplement which was developed by board-certified Dermatologists and specialty pharmacists.  A customized, topical prescription compound is added to restore the anagen growth phase helping create longer, thicker hair.

Each component of the AnagenFX kit is easy to use as part of your daily hair care routine to Grow More and Keep More Hair. For best results these 4 products are formulated to work together, creating thicker fuller hair. For more information please visit the Anagen Website:

Scalp Cleanser – Cleanses the scalp and helps maintain normal acidic pH
• 4.5 pH formulation helps optimize and maintain the normal scalp and hair pH
• Contains mild surfactants and Glypoic ComplexTM to effectively cleanse the scalp of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and bacteria decreasing excessive shedding and improving growth
• Formulated for use on all hair types and chemically treated hair. 100% of women studied reported no harm or change in colored or treated hair

Hair Revitalizer – Restores moisture to the hair shaft to improve thickness
• Helps hydrate and condition the hair shaft to improve texture, thickness and body
• Hydrolyzed collagen protein passes through the cuticle, penetrating into the cortex, helping replace damaged amino acid sites
• Glycolic component restores the normal acidic pH of the hair

Complete Amino Acid Nutritional Supplement – Contains the amino acids needed for hair growth
• Contains the 20 vital amino acids necessary for hair growth
• Includes the active L-forms that can be utilized at the cellular level
• Incorporates all the essential and non-essential amino acids

Prescription Hair Follicle Simulator – Customized prescription-strength with proven ingredients
• This is your personalized prescription containing combinations of  Tretinoin, Minoxidil, Finasteride and Latanoprost
• Tretinoin promotes the anagen phase of the growth cycle and provides synergistic effects when combined with other prescription hair growth ingredients
• Minoxidil stimulates the anagen effects on both hair growth and diameter
• Finasteride slows future hair loss and stimulates hair growth
• Latanoprost helps convert telogen hairs (resting phase) to anagen hairs (growth phase)