iHelmet Laser Model 200S



This is the new iHelmet Model 200S, an effective treatment for men and women suffering from mild to moderate hair loss.  Attention has been given every element that defines this 3rd generation laser hair growth device – the latest advances in low-level laser therapy and customized treatment tailoring with 7 separate treatment zones. iHelmet is more than just a helmet. It is the future of hair growth device. 

IHelmet Hair Growth Helmet consists of laser diodes that are spread throughout the helmet. The product uses diode lasers to cover the entire area of the head that is normally covered with hair, and this unique design allows the treatment of the entire scalp without manual movement. The product will automatically pause treatment if the sensor detects that the head is not in close proximity to the sensor, and will resume again once close enough. At the end of the treatment, an audible tone beeps to indicate the treatment is over and then the helmet will automatically shut off.

  • 650 nm 5 mw medical low level laser (No side effects) 
  • 200pcs lasers are divided into 7 areas that can be tailored for treating all of the scalp or certain trouble spots
  • US FDA cleared