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Dry Hair & Scalp Treatment



British Science Dry Hair Shampoo and Conditioner

British Science Hair Strengthener (HS3)

British Science Scalp Mask (SM1)

British Science Revitalizing Scalp Therapy

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British Science Scalp and Hair Mask Treatments for deep rooted hair loss, specifically formulated for the many differing hair loss conditions. The British Science Treatments stimulate the scalp creating more circulation and blood flood to target early staged to advanced hair loss.

British Science Dry Hair Shampoo– specially formulated to strengthen the hair and amplify hair structure. Our treatment shampoo prepares hair and scalp for a complete hair thickening treatment. This professional purifying invigorating shampoo removes dirt, excessive oil and other environmental residues from the scalp and hair.

British Science Dry Hair Conditioner – scalp therapy conditioner adds weightless moisture.  Progressed thinning is the second to a clean healthy landscape to grow. Formulated to strengthen the hair and amplify hair structure. This lightweight professional hair & scalp conditioner helps to retain balance, providing hair resilience reducing breakage and leaves the hair fuller looking.

British Science Scalp Therapy- This non-oily natural scalp cleanser and stimulator is applied and left on the scalp after treatments and conditioners.  The active ingredients in this professional therapy will continue to stimulate and exfoliate the scalp naturally between shampooing sessions.