HPIHair Partners is
Nashville’s Full-Service Restoration Center

For over 35 years, our professional caring hair restoration and replacement team has worked to help those suffering from genetic or medical-related hair loss, thinning and balding regain their comfort and confidence. Offering the latest in non-surgical hair restoration technology.

Our team will guide you through every stage of regrowth and restoration, developing a customized treatment plan for your specific hair loss situation. Whatever the cause or extent of your hair loss problems, we can help!

We Listen

When you come in for a complimentary consultation with one of our experts, you can expect complete confidentiality and genuine care. We’ll spend a full hour discussing your wants, your needs, your particular hair loss situation and your goals for getting your confidence back. We know that hair loss can be emotionally devastating, but you don’t have to feel embarrassed or alone. We’re here for you.

We Care

Here at HPIHair, we strive to provide an atmosphere that is warm and welcoming. Our hair loss consultants genuinely care about our clients, and we’re dedicated to finding just the right solution or treatment for each individual situation. We know that not everyone is sensitive to the devastating effects of hair loss, but at HPIHair, we understand.

We Offer The Highest-Quality Hair Restoration Products

Our knowledgeable and technically-skilled staff can show you the finest, most natural hair additions, extensions, enhancements and wigs available. Our hair replacement options are the highest possible quality, ensuring the most comfortable and most believable results. We offer 100% human hair options, in every color and texture imaginable, and guarantee that with our products and styling services, you will get results that are customized and tailor-made to look incredibly natural. Whether you want something you can wash and style or something quick and easy – HPIHair has it.

We Specialize In The Latest Non-Surgical Hair Loss Treatments

Although there is not yet a cure for baldness, the experts at HPIHair offer the latest technology in hair rejuvenation and regrowth. From low level laser hair growth therapy and the iGrow helmet treatment to stimulants and supplements, our goal is to provide you with the best and most effective options, so that you can get back to living without worrying about your hair.

Call today and restore your confidence!

Residents of Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood, Murfreesboro and the surrounding communities in Tennessee should contact HPIHair Partners to schedule a consultation and find out more about the various hair loss treatments that are available.

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