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Hair Enhancements

Is your hair thinning? Tired of trying regrowth shampoos, treatments, supplements, and everything you can buy to grow your hair back?

Have you considered enhancing your existing hair and replacing the locks you have lost? HPIHair Partners offers customized options, from enhancing your existing hair by adding volume and fullness to complete coverage with detailed designed techniques. Allow our team to meet you and offer the most advanced options in a comfortable, private, and educational consultation.

Hair Replacement Offers

  • Natural Solutions
  • Innovative Hair Technology
  • Restore Your Life and Regain Your Confidence


How do I begin?

  • Do your research and ensure you are working with a TEAM of professionals to allow for continuity of service.
  • Check reviews and ask to speak to or meet existing clients.
  • Ensure a private environment for a confidential consultation.

What happens during the consultation?

  • Be prepared to discuss openly your expectations of your hair replacement.
  • Bring photos of desired styles and looks.
  • Determine how the transition from thin/thinning hair to fuller hair will work for your lifestyle.
  • Ask to see samples of products available to you.

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I have been so grateful to HPI and their efficient and patient staff. I live about two hours away and they do a wonderful job of working with me through mail, phone and email to make sure that all my needs are met with kindness and sensitivity. I don’t know what I would have done without HPI!
I've had a great results with the microneedling treatments and hair products at HPI. My hair is thicker and have new growth which makes it easier to style and looks much better (even if gets wet or is windy). Should have started it sooner but it's never too late to improve the health, look, and feel of your hair. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and flexible and will help you customize treatments that suit your schedule and budget. I consulted with 2 other hair restoration businesses in the area and found HPI to offer the most options and professional services while making the experience pleasant and comfortable.
M. N.
HPI is such a special place and I only have wonderful things to say about them. I have struggled with trichotillomania most of my life, and as a result, I would have bald spots throughout my hair. I have always been self-conscious about my hair and never wanted to go to a salon because I was so embarrassed of the condition of my hair . HPI was the first and only place I have found that I feel comfortable going to and I always walk out feeling confident. I am forever grateful for HPI and I am happy to report my hair is growing and looking great!
All staff is very professional and they provide great customer service! They are very knowledgeable and explain in detail the different services and help you in deciding which treatment would be best for your needs. The receptionist is very kind in helping you purchase products or schedule your appointments. They truly care about their clients!
I tried (like I suppose most others) everything to regrow my hair. I tried over-the-counter solutions, went to a dermatologist, then a plastic surgeon learning about hair transplants. I'm so glad I also talked to HPI Hair. I was amazed at the before and after photos and the ‘no pressure’ and no hurry to decide that day way of doing business. Now a few months later I am still so pleased. My ‘new hair’ is wonderful! It is easy to take care of and if I meet someone for the first time they cannot tell it is not my natural hair! I have seen friends who ask about it and all I get are compliments. Most say I look ten or twenty years younger! I know I have much more self confidence and I am very happy.
I have been undergoing the laser therapy treatments for approximately four months. During that time, I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality and texture of my hair. Overall it feels more full, and it is not as frizzy as it used to be. Also, I no longer lose hair like I did before beginning the treatment, in the shower, or in my brush. I have been very pleased with the results, and would definitely recommend the laser therapy to anyone.
I have a testimonial to tell. I was having a treatment last week. This other patient sitting across from me asked me about my hair. She thought I had not lost it. I told her I had lost it over a month ago. She had no clue I was wearing a wig. I have come across several people who are very surprised when they find out I am wearing a wig. It looks so real. I am grateful I found (HPI) and had the opportunity to use (their) services.
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Founder, barber, and creator Kimberly Vaughn is a nationally recognized professional.  She is committed to creating a professional environment, building relationships, all while staying on the cutting edge of the latest technology at her Nashville hair replacement clinic. Kimberly is passionate and driven, she personally trains and oversees her creative technical and design team to ensure you receive the best quality service and personalization.

Schedule your consultation today for our non-surgical hair replacement services at our Nashville clinic. Rest assured your consultation will offer you the opportunity to get to know us, to understand your options, to learn what sets us apart, AND most importantly connect with other current clients who have chosen our replacement solutions!

Blog Series: How to Care for Your Hair Enhancement!

When you wear a human hair enhancement (full or partial), you need to know how to take care of it! The “non-growing” hair is not living, so there are a few extra steps that can be difficult to remember. Whether you wear it more permanently or temporarily with clips or tape, caring for your enhancement is important when it comes to the longevity of the piece as well as your happiness with your investment!

At HPIHair Partners, we don’t let you leave our salon without understanding how to care for your hair. We will take you through this step by step process to show you it’s not as hard as it may seem. If you’ve had a hair addition for a while and have fallen off the hair care wagon… read more