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Do you have the challenge of fine, thin hair and would like to add more volume? HPIHair Partners presents customized solutions for all hair challenges. We are a boutique company located in the music city of Nashville, Tennessee and hair transformation and restoration is our specialty.


fine hair
needs volume


Fine thin hair can be challenging. Silky skinny hair strands need a boost of volume. Volumizing treatments can lift your fine locks, microneedling treatments can help each and every hair build density and strength, Micro Point Links can actually add more hair to each thin strand!


Your scalp and hair must be in optimum shape to look and feel thick and full. Scalp debris (oil buildup and dry skin) can impede your hair from looking and feeling its best. Begin your volumizing process with a professional scalp and hair cleansing treatment by a hair loss specialist.


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Microneedling is gaining more acceptance and popularity in the aesthetics world as we see the visible improvement in the skin.  We can now provide the same microneedling treatments for your scalp. These promote healthy follicle stimulation and enhance hair density plus growth. For maximum results, we partner our microneedling process with our bioidentical growth factor.


Micro Point Link hair solutions add 4-6 strands of hair to one single hair strand. Links can be a perfect solution for those with small thinning areas such as the temples, top of the head, and crown. The Micro Point Links offer invisible volume and density. This unique process is performed by a certified, trained professional, without the use of damaging adhesives or tapes and  is completely painless.


Silky Volume

Would you like to add thin fine strands of hair to your existing hair to create a fuller look? Our Silky Volume will allow you to add additional density for short intervals of time creating a completely natural look and feel while not causing harm to your existing growing hair. Our process creates volume, not length. HPIHair Partners is concerned about the health of your hair. This option is for short-term enhancements, creating a thicker looking head of hair from the temples of the head to the ends.

Burning Scalp Syndrome and itch

Volumizers + Modifiers

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Thin fine hair needs support, volume and modification through the use of gentle cleansers, light conditioning, regular specialized treatments for strength and enhancement along with lifting and texture products.  Schedule a visit with one of our thinning hair specialists today and learn how to create a new volumized look.

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