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Hair Loss Treatments


Are you experiencing hair loss? Is your hair thinning and lacks luster? Are you looking for natural treatment solutions for thicker, voluminous, and younger feeling hair? Have you tried everything? It’s time to give HPIHair Partners a try! We are the team specializing in the science of hair! We are dedicated to hair loss and personalize each treatment plan for YOU! We offer many different services to help hair regrowth from TED-TransEpidermal Delivery System, Hair Restoration Injections, and Microneedling + Growth Factors. Let our expert hair team guide you into the best plan of action for you. 

TED-transepidermal Delivery

Introducing Alma Ted TransEpidermal Delivery For Hair Shedding And Hair Loss.

HPIHair Partners- the 1st in Nashville to begin TED treatment!  TED is a Needle-Free, Pain-Free Hair Restoration Treatment With No Local Anesthesia Needed.

What is it? – TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) is a non-invasive hair growth treatment for thinning hair, hair shed, and hair loss. The TED treatment along with the growth formula penetrates the scalp producing thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

How does the TED treatment work? – TED uses an ultrasound-based system that uses sound waves and air pressure to enhance the penetration of a topical hair growth formula into the scalp. TED plus the growth formula is geared to boost blood flow, improve scalp health, and stimulate hair follicles.


What can I expect from a treatment? – TED is a quick, 20-25 minute treatment. The treatment offers no trauma or scalp pain. No needles and no anesthesia are required. Most patients feel it is a comfortable experience unlike other in-office treatments that involve trauma to the scalp

How many sessions will I need? – Number of sessions will be determined at your HPIHair consultation. Patients experience minor results after one treatment, but for optimal results, it is recommended to have a series of a minimum of three TED treatments, one month apart.

Hair restoration injections

What is it? – HPIHair Partners Hair Restoration Therapy is a minimally invasive procedure that is performed in our clinic by an experienced medical professional. Our treatment uses your body’s own growth factors to enhance the stimulation of new hair growth. This is collected from your own blood. The procedure is 100% natural with minimal risk of allergic reaction or rejection.

How does a hair restoration treatment work? – Your blood contains active growth factors that can promote hair growth. These growth factors are extremely effective, resulting in a fuller, healthier-looking head of hair.

What can I expect from a treatment? – During your session, a blood sample is collected and spun in a centrifuge, which separates your white and red blood cells. A numbing agent is applied to the scalp for comfort and a thin needle is used to inject the white blood cells into the scalp with a special blend of vitamins. After your session, microneedling can be performed for additional growth benefits.

How many sessions will I need? – For optimal results, we recommend a series of 3-6 treatments, depending on the severity of your hair loss, 6-weeks apart. Maintenance therapy includes one session every 3-6 months. A follicular scan and photographs will be taken to track progress. This treatment can be used in conjunction with appropriate topicals, supplements, medications, microneedling, and low-level laser therapy. Individual results may vary.

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Microneedling + Growth Factors

What is it? – This remarkable treatment is for those experiencing thinning, brittle, and aging hair strands. Microneedling the scalp with a cutting-edge combination of our propriety growth factor ingredients, copper peptides, and antioxidants helps to add volume and strength to your hair.

How Does It Work? – HPIHair Partners microneedles a serum of proprietary growth factors combined with copper peptides into the scalp. This formula penetrates the scalp and nourishes your hair follicles leaving you with luxurious, more lustrous, volumizing, thicker-looking hair. It delivers plumper, thicker looking and feeling hair, restoring fullness and vitality to hair.

Who Can Benefit? – Those who want to add thickness and incredible body to their hair. Our serum helps encourage more voluminous, younger-feeling hair, with visible results after just four weeks of weekly applications.

Microneedling with growth factors is a revolutionary treatment that utilizes the power of microneedles to stimulate collagen production and improve skin texture. This procedure is suitable for both men and women

Why choose hpihair partners?

Before and after hyaluronic acid treatment for hair loss caused by hormone imbalances or thyroid issues.

Personalized Solutions
Our thinning hair experts design a program specifically to fit your individual needs. As your hair condition improves, your program will be adjusted accordingly based on the results we see and your feedback for the optimal outcome.

Innovative Procedures
Hair restoration using a patient’s blood cells is proving to be an effective procedure for the management of different types of alopecia, with androgenic alopecia (female and male pattern baldness) being the most common. In a study, the treatment was found to be highly effective in the regrowth of hair with a high patient satisfaction rate. Over a 12-week period, the average gain of hair follicles per cm2 was 22.09.

Compassionate Care
Our certified hair consultants build a relationship with your to get to know your concerns and hopes regarding your treatment. We will answer your questions and offer advice based on your specific hair care concerns and needs.



Almost a decade ago, physicians began using the body’s own growth factors to speed healing and promote cell growth at wound sites. Hair injections in combination with other treatments, can help promote a healthy head of hair.

There are many benefits for using the body’s growth factors. For example, people that are living with thinning hair can benefit from hair treatments, leading to a reduction in the rate of hair loss.  Also, hair can become… read more

Man Receiving An Injection

As a new client coming to your Nashville location I must say that I AM VERY PLEASED with the exceptional service I've received from both Cindy and Summer!! After moving to Tennessee from Las Vegas and leaving my long time salon person behind I am more than pleased and pleasantly surprised that I've found your shop and the quality of service that I receive. You're definitely worth the 45 minute drive every 2 weeks!! Thank you thank you thank you!!

Losing Hair is a Sensitive Issue!

Losing hair is a sensitive issue. I found an amazing group of caring and well-informed women at HPI Hair Partners in Belle Meade. The result: an amazing turnaround in six months. I had lost 25 percent of my hair last year due to stress, aging and lack of certain nutrients. I have gained much of it back. Highly recommend: laser cap with scalp oil and testing ordering by HPI, performed by Quest. Also, they told me most men and women with hair loss have deficiencies in 3 things: B-12; Vitamin D and zinc. I had all three plus low iron and the MF gene, which means my body doesn't absorb B-12 or the rest of the B-complex vitamins through food. I know take sublingual drops (under the tongue). I also add amino acids to my veggie-infused smoothies. Not only did they help me stop the severe shedding and regain hair quickly, they likely prevented serious health problems by arming me with a much fuller snapshot of my health than any doctor has done. (If you can afford it, you also might want the extras I did to include scalp microblading to encourage growth and I got eyebrow microblading for self-confidence. Very thankful for the angels at HPI Hair!
Sarah W.

Life Transforming!

HPI has been life transforming. Cindy and Summer are knowledgeable, kind and make sure I walk out of every appointment feeling and looking my best. Thank you, HPI
Christy Farrell

5 Stars

I am very pleased with the hair growth from the treatment done at HPI. They are very professional and dedicated to getting the best treatment possible.
Pablo Juarez

5 Star Review

Very kind and professional

5 Stars!

HPI has been phenomenal to me since the first day I walked in. They are kind. They are flexible. They go above and beyond to meet my needs. I recommend to everyone!
Mark Steinbrenner

5 Star Review!

I had a great experience at HPI Hair Partners. Kimberly provided multiple options for treating my hair loss and I saw significant hair regrowth. The staff were also very kind and friendly. I would recommend HPI Hair Partners to family and friends.
Lois Kirk

5 Star - N.L.

Kimberly is absolutely wonderful! She is so incredibly kind, knowledgeable and trustworthy! She helped us get to the bottom of our 3 year olds hair loss and we are so thankful for her and her team!
Natalie Lechleiter
My experience at HPI has been nothing short of wonderful! Not only have I seen great physical results from the various treatments, but I have been encouraged & supported by the entire HPI staff since Day 1! So thankful my family & I found this space!
Mikey Delbert
I am only 20 years old but have been struggling with hair loss for the past few years. I came to HPI about 6 months ago and they have helped my feel more confident that my hair will grow back. It is a commitment and takes a lot of time for you to see results but the workers here give me hope. Kimberly is very encouraging and has helped me not feel as alone in this process. It is hard for anyone to look around and feel like no one else is struggling with hair loss, but especially when you are this young. I would be lying if I said I was not very insecure knowing that ther people can see my bald spots, but knowing there is hope that I can have hair that covers my head encourages me to follow the eating, schedules, and time that HPI plans out for me.
Excellent! I am suffering hair loss and would not have a hair left on my head if I hadn't found HPI. Kimberly was able to stop my hair from falling out in less than 30 days and now I am in recovery mode - my hair is filling in and growing back. I am so thankful for HPIHair Partners!
I have been so grateful to HPI and their efficient and patient staff. I live about two hours away and they do a wonderful job of working with me through mail, phone and email to make sure that all my needs are met with kindness and sensitivity. I don’t know what I would have done without HPI!
I've had a great results with the microneedling treatments and hair products at HPI. My hair is thicker and have new growth which makes it easier to style and looks much better (even if gets wet or is windy). Should have started it sooner but it's never too late to improve the health, look, and feel of your hair. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and flexible and will help you customize treatments that suit your schedule and budget. I consulted with 2 other hair restoration businesses in the area and found HPI to offer the most options and professional services while making the experience pleasant and comfortable.
M. N.
HPI is such a special place and I only have wonderful things to say about them. I have struggled with trichotillomania most of my life, and as a result, I would have bald spots throughout my hair. I have always been self-conscious about my hair and never wanted to go to a salon because I was so embarrassed of the condition of my hair . HPI was the first and only place I have found that I feel comfortable going to and I always walk out feeling confident. I am forever grateful for HPI and I am happy to report my hair is growing and looking great!
All staff is very professional and they provide great customer service! They are very knowledgeable and explain in detail the different services and help you in deciding which treatment would be best for your needs. The receptionist is very kind in helping you purchase products or schedule your appointments. They truly care about their clients!
I tried (like I suppose most others) everything to regrow my hair. I tried over-the-counter solutions, went to a dermatologist, then a plastic surgeon learning about hair transplants. I'm so glad I also talked to HPI Hair. I was amazed at the before and after photos and the ‘no pressure’ and no hurry to decide that day way of doing business. Now a few months later I am still so pleased. My ‘new hair’ is wonderful! It is easy to take care of and if I meet someone for the first time they cannot tell it is not my natural hair! I have seen friends who ask about it and all I get are compliments. Most say I look ten or twenty years younger! I know I have much more self confidence and I am very happy.
I have been undergoing the laser therapy treatments for approximately four months. During that time, I have noticed a significant improvement in the quality and texture of my hair. Overall it feels more full, and it is not as frizzy as it used to be. Also, I no longer lose hair like I did before beginning the treatment, in the shower, or in my brush. I have been very pleased with the results, and would definitely recommend the laser therapy to anyone.
I have a testimonial to tell. I was having a treatment last week. This other patient sitting across from me asked me about my hair. She thought I had not lost it. I told her I had lost it over a month ago. She had no clue I was wearing a wig. I have come across several people who are very surprised when they find out I am wearing a wig. It looks so real. I am grateful I found (HPI) and had the opportunity to use (their) services.
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Before & After for 6 Growth Factor + Microneedling Treatment


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