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Chemotherapy & Radiation Therapy Induced Hair Loss

We understand how devastating losing your hair to chemotherapy or radiation therapy treatments can be. The emotional and physical effects can be draining and distressing mentally and emotionally. This is why HPIHair and our caring team are sensitive and dedicated to you and your needs. We listen to your concerns, your fears and do our best to comfort you every step along your journey.

How we can help

Custom Designs for YOU!


Custom hair prosthetic designs (some like to refer to machine made products as a “wig”) are constructed of 100% human hair. European to Mongolian silky, beautifully hand-tied creations are constructed to securely fit your head shape and size. Our team will customize your prosthetic to imitate your preferred hair color and style to help you feel and look like yourself again.


Woman wearing a custom hair prosthetic

Scalp Care

Scalp care is extremely important during your treatment.  Cleansing and stimulating your scalp from the beginning of your treatment is the best way to keep your follicles healthy and vibrant while they are resting during your treatment stage. We offer two options during your hair resting phase, Stimulated Scalp Treatments and Natural Detoxification.

Stimulating Scalp Treatments (SST) are the most natural gentle way to stimulate the blood and oxygen flow circling the resting hair blub. Think vibrant circulation and stimulation through gentle steam and gentle massage.

Natural Detoxification for your scalp is extremely beneficial as you near the end of your treatment cycle. Your scalp is ready for a deep cleansing wake up!  This natural treatment is enhanced with a microcirculation massage enhanced with orange & lavender essential oils. 


Medically induced hair loss (acute alopecia) has been described as the hardest part of the treatment. Our team of dedicated hair loss specialist and stylists have your back during this challenging time.  We have over 30 years of experience listening and learning from others just like you. 

We will walk along with you on this journey. We will be here to listen and learn from you. We will do everything in our power to soften the path and keep you looking beautiful every step of the way! 

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The Karen Wellington Foundation’s mission is simple:

“We put FUN on the calendars of women and families LIVING with breast cancer by sending them on special vacations, relaxing spa days, dinners out, concerts and other FUN-ONLY activities​. 

Our goal is to get each of the 100+ women on our ever-growing waiting list to a beach, a spa, a concert… somewhere FUN as quickly as possible. For women actively battling breast cancer, there is no time like the present! This goal will be made possible by generous people who donate a week of their vacation homes or timeshares, their airline miles, sporting event and concert tickets…read more

Karen Wellington Foundation


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