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Non-Surgical Scar Revision

Scars are a natural part of healing after injury or surgery. However, they can sometimes be unattractive, red, protruding, itchy, painful, tight, or thick, limiting your movement and affecting your appearance and confidence.

At HPI Scar Revision, we understand the impact visible scars can have on your life. Our advanced scar revision treatments improve the appearance of your scars, making them less noticeable, and soften the surrounding skin for enhanced comfort and flexibility.

Our expert team provides personalized care tailored to your unique needs, offering cutting-edge treatment options to help you achieve smoother, more attractive skin.

Don’t let scars hold you back any longer. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how our scar revision treatments can help you. Call us now or complete the form to book your appointment and start your journey toward improved skin and renewed confidence.

Types of scars We Treat

Non-Surgical Treatment Options

At HPI Scar Revision, we offer a variety of advanced, non-invasive treatments tailored to your specific scar type. Our expert clinicians have extensive experience in scar removal and will create a personalized treatment plan to meet your needs. Our treatment options include:
  • Chemical Peels: A chemical solution is applied to your skin to exfoliate the upper layers. Chemical peels are ideal for mild scars, usually on the face & neck.
  • Dermaplaning: A special razor is used to shave away the upper layers of your skin, improving the appearance of acne scars.
  • Microneedling: A device creates microscopic punctures in your skin, encouraging collagen production and remodeling to improve scar appearance.
  • Exosome Therapy: During the microneedling process, smart growth factors rejuvenate the skin by harnessing regenerative properties. This natural treatment accelerates the healing process and maximizes results, promoting healthier, revitalized skin.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP): Using your body’s own blood platelets, PRP injections can enhance the healing process naturally to improve the appearance of scars.

Feature Treatment: Exosome Therapy

Unlock the Power of Regenerative Healing

Experience the future of scar revision with Exosome Therapy — A revolutionary treatment that combines advanced microneedling techniques with cutting-edge regenerative science. During this innovative procedure, smart growth factors and exosomes are applied to your skin, enhancing its natural healing abilities and rejuvenating damaged tissue.

Benefits of Exosome Therapy:

  • Natural and Non-Invasive: Harness the body’s own regenerative properties without the need for surgery.
  • Enhanced Healing: Accelerate the healing process for scars from surgery, trauma, acne, and more.
  • Optimal Results: Achieve maximum treatment outcomes through a completely natural process.


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Understanding Different Types of Scars

The type, location, and cause of your scar are important factors in determining the most effective treatment. Common types of scars include:

  • Hypertrophic Scars: Thick, raised scars that remain within the boundaries of the original wound.
  • Keloid Scars: Excessively large and lumpy scars that extend beyond the original wound site.
  • Atrophic Scars: Sunken scars caused by tissue loss, often resulting from conditions like acne or chickenpox.
  • Contracture Scars: Scars that cause the skin to tighten, potentially affecting underlying muscles and nerves.
  • Stretch Marks: Linear streaks that occur due to rapid skin stretching, commonly associated with pregnancy or weight changes.

Who Can Benefit From Scar Revision?

Anyone with an unwanted scar may consider scar revision. Common cases we see at The HPI Scar Revision Clinic:

  • Hair Transplant Surgery Scars
  • Burns from Accidents
  • Radiation therapy Burns
  • Cesarean Births (C-sections)
  • Cleft Lip Repair Surgery Scars
  • Cosmetic or Reconstructive Surgery
  • Acne Scarring
  • Traumatic Injuries
  • Surgical Procedures

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At HPI Scar Revision, we are committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcomes for your scar revision needs. Our board-certified clinicians will provide a combination of treatments designed to treat your specific type of scar effectively. While it is not possible to completely erase a scar, our treatments can significantly improve its appearance, reduce pain, and enhance your range of motion.

Discover how our comprehensive, affordable treatment plans can provide relief for severe scarring. Contact us today to schedule your free assessment and take the first step toward smoother, healthier skin.


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