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Discover the root causes of your hair loss with our advanced tests. Our Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test and DNA TrichoTest™ offer personalized insights and solutions for both men and women. Take control of your hair health today.

Unlock the Secrets to Your Hair Health

What is TrichoTest™?

TrichoTest™ is an innovative genetic test that analyzes your DNA to help our specialists understand your predisposition to various forms of alopecia (hair loss). By examining 48 genetic markers across 13 genes, this test allows us to develop more effective and personalized treatment strategies. The test is conducted with a simple cheek swab, making it easy and non-invasive. Available as an in-office visit or an at-home test.

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How Does TrichoTest™ Work?

Step 1: Order Your Kit
Order your DNA kit easily from our store and deliver it directly to your home or our clinic.

Step 2: Collect Your DNA Sample
A simple, pain-free cheek swab is all we need. Follow the easy instructions to collect your DNA and return it to us in the provided envelope.

Step 3: Analysis and Custom Report
Our lab analyzes your sample, examining key genetic markers that affect hair health. Within weeks, you receive a detailed report outlining your genetic profile and its impact on hair loss.

Step 4: Personalized Consultation
Schedule a consultation with our experts to discuss your results. We’ll guide you through your personalized treatment options and help you choose the best path forward.

WHY CHOOSE TrichoTest™?

  • Personalized Insights: Understand how genetics influence hair loss and treatment response.
  • Targeted Treatments: Eliminate guesswork with treatments specifically selected based on your DNA.
  • Progressive Solutions: Stay ahead with the latest hair loss prevention and treatment technologies.

Your Journey to Healthier Hair Starts Here

Take control of your hair health with TrichoTest™. Whether experiencing the early stages of hair thinning or more advanced hair loss, our tailored approach ensures you receive the most effective treatment.

Ready to learn more about your hair and how to preserve it? 

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What is an Epigenetic Test?

An Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test examines the hair bulb to reveal how diet, stress, and environmental factors affect your hair health. The hair bulb tracks epigenetic factors like pollution, heavy metals, radiation, and electromagnetic fields. By analyzing these signals, we gather valuable information on your hair growth, hair loss, scalp condition, and overall well-being.

This test is available as an in-office visit for an immediate report or an at-home test. Both options allow us to analyze your hair bulb and provide a detailed, personalized 34-page report tailored to your specific needs.


The Basics:  In-office, we remove 4 strands of hair and examine them with a special S-Drive that analyzes the bulbs. With the At-Home test, the comprehensive, all-inclusive kit is mailed directly to you.  It comes with very detailed instructions. The video on the left shows the easy process. Once you have gathered the sample as directed, you return it in the packaging provided back to the lab for bio-mapping.

The Science: Epigenetic technology allows us to understand the connections our diet, behavior, and environment has on our hair, skin, and nails. The hair bulb is the thriving part of the hair strand making it an excellent bio-marker. The bulb feeds from the blood vessels acting as a receiver that is constantly identifying environmental and nutritional markers.


Putting hair sample on a petri dish for an epigenetic hair test


Your hair tells all: the food we eat, the nutrients we absorb, stress, other environmental factors present at home and at work, including pollution, heavy metals, radiation and electromagnetic fields. All of these factors are known as epigenetic factors. Experts believe that up to 98% of our genes are influenced by our environment. Your hair bulbs from four single strands contain a range of signals and frequencies that have an abundance of epigenetic information. This information is extremely valuable to your hair growth, hair loss, condition of the scalp, and most importantly your overall wellbeing. The simple form below will get you started.  Once you complete the information you will be directly contacted by a member of our hair loss team to get you going!  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Hair Loss Tests

Epigenetic hair Follicle & Genetic DNA Test

Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test

$ 299
  • Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test and Complimentary Consultation
  • Personalized 30-page Report
  • Clinical Trichologist & Certified Nutrition Care Plan ($149 value)
  • 30-Day Follow-up

Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test

$ 369
  • At-Home Epigenetic Hair Follicle Test Kit
  • Personalized 30-Page Report
  • Clinical Trichologist & Certified Nutritional Care Plan ($149 value)
  • 30-Day Follow-up

Genetic DNA TrichoTest

In-Office or At-Home
$ 359
  • Genetic DNA TrichoTest Kit
  • Learn Why Your Genes are Important to Your Hair Loss
  • Learn Your Type of Hair Loss
  • Results Based on Your Genetic Profile
  • Personalized Plan for Hair & Scalp Health


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