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Balding, Bald

Was I born bald?

Was I Born Bald???? Hair loss and thinning hair are conditions that are not all equal country to country. If you are a male living in the Czech Republic, you have a 42.7% chance of going bald. The US ranks 6th behind the

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Burning Scalp Syndrome and itch

Summer Hair & Scalp Sensitivity

Why is your scalp sensitive, flaky, or burn in the warm humid months? We all experience an itchy scalp from time to time, imagine how distracting and uncomfortable this sensation can be if it persists?!  This condition is commonly referred to

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How Diet Effects Hair Loss

There are many factors that influence our hair. Genetics, medications pollution, medical conditions, hair products, and our diet all play a role in how healthy or unhealthy our hair is. If you want stronger and healthier hair be sure to

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