Introducing Our Single Hair Analysis Testing

Why is your scalp sore? Why is your hair not growing? Why can I see my scalp?
Come to our clinic in Nashville for a hair analysis test and consultation to get the answers you’re looking for. We start with a simple 4 strand hair test and learn the answers along with an in-depth look at the What & Whys of scalp and hair health.

Our hair can tell us many details about our genetics, our body, our health. The hair root or hair bulb is the only part of the hair that is alive and thriving. Meaning it is able to self-regulate and self-replicate. The hair bulb feeds from the blood vessels that bring information and nutrients from and through the papilla (food/oxygen). The hair and its bulb are in fact an antenna that is constantly sensing and thus detecting environmental signals. This signaling all occurs in the smallest muscle in the body, the arrector pili muscle within each hair follicle.

By taking control over our surroundings and the things we put in our bodies, we can change our lives and overall well-being. Our epigenetic, customized reports are designed specifically with YOU in mind. This tailored report focuses on food and nutritional information we can implement into our daily routines to help achieve optimal wellness for hair growth, scalp health, performance, aging and much more!

Identify the Root Cause of your hair loss with our convenient Single Hair Analysis Test in Nashville. With one single hair, and about 15 minutes we will hand deliver you a personalized Well-being Report with details insights into the reason for your hair loss.


Gain a detailed understanding of your genetic risk factors, predispositions, and gene expressions link to your hair.


Learn how your current eating habits and personal nutritional needs may be affecting your hair growth and thickness.


Protect your hair and reduce hair follicle damage by learning how your environment may impact your hair development.

Love Your Hair


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Single Hair Analysis Testing (SHA)

Why is the HPIHair “Single Hair Analysis” (SHA) important? 

Your hair tells all…..When signals from the environment (stress, pain, sadness, happiness, etc.……) cause our emotions to manifest feelings of fear, pain and pleasure, the human hair responds!  Only four single hair strands will contain a range of signals/frequencies that have an abundance of epigenetic information. This information is extremely valuable to our daily lives, our health, our hair growth, hair loss, our scalp condition, and our overall being!

Will your Genetics Cause Hair Loss?

Let’s take a moment to understand Epigenetics, epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work. Unlike genetic changes, epigenetic changes are reversible and do not change your DNA sequence, but they can change how your body reads a DNA sequence.

Why Does Hair Loss Start?

Hair is known to be one of the most effective indicators/biomarkers in nature. Our hair belongs to the functioning system along with the skin, the eyebrows, the eye lashes and the teeth. This meaning our hair is one of our most important sensory organs. This means our hair can pick up signals occurring throughout our entire body and brain!

Who Is This For?
  • Individuals with thinning hair or hair loss for unknown reason
  • Individuals who have done blood work and still do not have answers for hair loss
  • Individuals who have done blood work and still do not have answers for hair loss
  • Individuals experiencing early stage thinning with no genetic hair loss in their families
  • Individuals with aggressive hair loss with shedding in handfuls either in the shower or during brushing.
  • Individuals with a tender itch red scalp or no formal hair loss diagnosis

Hair Testing Consultation

$ 249
  • S.H.A. Testing
  • In-Depth Hair Consultation
  • Hair Analysis Report
  • Hair Analysis Interpretation
  • Treatment Recommendations

Hair Test + Nutritional Consult

$ 349
  • S.H.A. Testing + Nutritional Consult
  • In-Depth Hair Consultation
  • Hair Analysis Report
  • Hair Analysis Interpretation
  • Treatment Recommendations


“I had the SHA test done at HPI a few weeks ago and the results are really life changing, as corny as that may sound. At 25, I am on an AIP diet to help alleviate some side effects from my Rheumatoid Arthritis, which help me a lot. However, this test identified some additional foods that my body has a resistance to, which are okay to eat on an AIP diet. The S.H.A. test also showed where it was deficient in certain vitamins and mineral, I have since started supplements to help this and within a few days to could feel my body changing, less head fog, more energy and less inflammation. The test shows you small changes that can really make a BIG different in your hair growth and your wellbeing”

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