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Re-Grow Your Own Hair, Really?
PRP Before and After

Re-Grow Your Own Hair, Really?

re-grow your own hair, really?

Hair loss and thinning can be a very sensitive issue and stressful experience. A variety of factors contribute to hair loss such as age, gender, genetics, diet, and environment. If you have noticed that your hair is thinning there are steps you can take to be proactive.

Below are the top five ways to re-grow your hair:

  1. DHT blocking supplements and topical treatments for the scalp. Taking proper care of you scalp is the single most important aspect of re-growing your hair. If you do not have a healthy scalp you cannot have healthy hair. HLCC Scripts offers a variety of hair care products in the form of supplements, shampoo, conditioner, stimulating scalp treatments, strengthening serum, and growth serums. A customized regime will be determined based on your specific needs.
  2. Prescription medications. Minoxidil is a safe prescription medication for both men and women to aid in hair loss. Finasteride is also used in hair loss and is safe for men and women who are of non-child bearing age. Here at HPI, we have our own formulated blend of topical minoxidil that is applied to the scalp in the areas of hair loss. Tretinoin and Latanoprost may also be added to promote hair growth and thickness. Our professionals at HPI will customize your prescription blend specifically to meet your individual needs.
  3. Low-light laser therapy. Low-light laser therapy (LLLT) is a safe and proven way to re-grow your own hair. The exact mechanism of action is unknown; however, it is thought low-light laser therapy stimulates the hair follicles prolonging certain phases of hair growth. We recommend low light laser therapy several times a week for maximum results. Learn more about LLLT treatment solutions available at HPIHair.
  4. Growth factors with microneedling. Microneedling with growth factors is a relative new procedure to help promote hair growth. The scalp is microneedled in areas of hair loss and thinning and six specific growth factors are applied. This procedure is conducted weekly for 8-10 weeks.
  5. Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) is a non-invasive procedure using your own blood plasma that is injected into your scalp to re-grow hair. Because your own plasma is used, this is a natural treatment and there is no risk of allergic reaction. PRP is administered every 4-6 weeks for a total of three treatments. Read more about PRP procedures for hair regrowth.

The great thing about these options is they are often used in conjunction with one another for the best possible results. Below is a client who is currently on Scripts products, Low-Light Laser Therapy (LLLT), and received Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments.

George H Before PRP
Before PRP while using Scripts & LLLT
George-H After regrowth treatments
Hair ReGrowth After PRP Treatments

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