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Certified Trichologist
Certified Nutritional Consultant
Hair Replacement
& Hair Loss Coach

“There is no miracle cure to hair loss; only science, dedication, and the proper treatment plan.”

Kimberly is a board-certified, clinical Trichologist who has been dedicated to the study of hair and scalp for over 25 years. As founder of HPIHair Partners, Kimberly has treated thousands of clients using a trichological, para-medical approach.  She is internationally recognized and trained as a leading expert in the science and practice of hair and scalp treatments. Kimberly is an early adopter of cutting-edge treatments and is passionately focused on a whole-body approach as a Certified Nutritional Consultant.  She is an active member of the World Trichology Society, International Association of Trichologists, National Alopecia Areata Foundation, American Hair Loss Association, and TLC Foundation. Kimberly’s vision for the company drives the operations, marketing, and business development efforts.

Dr. Monaco

Medical Director

The Nashville Hormone & Integrative Medicine Center in Nashville, Tennessee, offers patients current and cutting edge treatments to help them look and feel better. Using Bioidentical hormones, nutritional counseling, and medically supported weight management programs, the team at Nashville Hormone and Integrative Medicine Center are able to help patients avoid the diseases of aging, feel more energetic, lose weight and reduce their dependency on conventional medications typically used for common chronic illnesses.


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