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3 Tips for Classy Healthy Hair in 2016!

3 Tips for Classy Healthy Hair in 2016!

3 tips for classy healthy hair in 2016!

2015 was a long year! The lack of taking care of your hair or hair piece has taken it’s toll. Dryness, tangles, split ends, dullness and shedding may be part of your hair’s current reality. Here are a few things to remember to revitalize your hair and give it some class. 1. Use the Right Products What type of hair do you have and what products work best for your hair? There are reasons certain products work better on thin, straight hair versus thick, curly hair! Ask your stylist what you should be using. Your products may differ by your hair’s color, texture, length and even by time of year and where you live. 2. Use Fresh Products Throw away products with expired dates, or give away products you’re not using anymore! While most ‘non-organic’products will have a longer shelf life due to preservatives; even your average shampoo and conditioner can go bad! Manufacturers put their products through a process called stabilization to determine what causes shampoo to breakdown or expire. While they may not necessarily have expiration dates on the bottles, storage location can determine how soon the product will break down and lose effectiveness. Are you keeping your hair products in the shower or by a window? You may want to relocate them, especially if you don’t use them on a regular basis. Heating and freezing temperatures can cause the chemicals to break down. When to replace hair products – Smell it, there may be a sour smell if it is spoiled. Check for discoloration and texture changes. Packaging – Typically, manufacturers call for a package redesign when they bring a fresher product batch to the market. If your bottle is not the latest package design, it may be time to toss it and restock! Your hair will thank you later! 3. Check Your Styling Tools Is your flat iron burning your hair? Remember to check the temperature before you use it! Flat Irons, curling irons and blow dryers are not designed to last forever. So if your last straightener was purchased in your college days, you may want to consider letting the past be the past and purchase a new one! New Brushes – Over time the build up of hair, oil and product creates a perfect environment for bacteria. Either invest in some new ones or try cleaning them with some baking soda and warm water. When to replace your tools – A good rule of thumb…if you can’t remember when you got your current styling tools and/or you notice a smell stemming from them during use…it’s time! Use the new year to your advantage and treat your hair to some new toys. You’ll be able to style with less damage, a better hold and in less time!

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