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Locks from a Loved One! – A Mother’s Story of a Gift from her Daughters.

Locks from a Loved One! – A Mother’s Story of a Gift from her Daughters.

A mother's story of a gift from her daughters

Have you ever wondered if you could have hair prosthetics made for yourself from a friend or loved one’s hair? If you are someone struggling with hair loss, whether that be genetically or medically, you know what it’s like to envy a certain friend or family member who has the PERFECT hair! You might even confront them about how much you wish you had their hair or even pull a section of their hair across your face to imagine what you might look like with it on! GOOD NEWS! HPIHair can make this happen for you. It takes some time to complete, but if you are someone who needs a hair prosthetic or someone who has lots of hair and wishes to donate it to a specific friend or loved one, we can help you get your wish!

Tennessean_Article.jpg One family’s wish came true when a mother, Kathy, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. Her daughters, Rebecca and Bethany, wanted to make their mother’s hair prosthetics using their actual hair. Together, they came to HPIHair to make this happen.

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