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Avoiding Traction Alopecia

Avoiding Traction Alopecia

Avoiding traction alopecia

Traction Alopecia is one form of hair loss easily overlooked. In the spirit of celebrating Martin Luther King’s life this week, we took one of his well known quotes to heart and put it into action. MLK said this “Life’s most persistent and urgent question is ‘what are you doing for others?’” At HPIHair, we strive to do just that. Help others! Our specific goal is to help others with their hair issues. Right now, we want to help you avoid traction alopecia, or begin to reduce the effects of traction alopecia on your life. Here are a few helpful facts to remember. However, the real help starts when we meet you in person and understand your exact journey to better provide you with a solution. traction_alopecia2.jpg1.) It Shouldn’t Hurt! – When you pull up your hair into a tight, slick bun, ponytail, weave or braid it should not hurt! If it does, your hair follicles are being stressed beyond what they can withstand. Doing this too often will result in dead hair follicles and once that happens, there is no going back. If you leave a stylist after a braid or hair extension and you begin to feel pain for days and/or little bumps around the hairline that were not there before, your follicles are in danger. Although you may think it was a waste of money, get someone to take out your style right away. You’ll save money in the long run by reducing traction alopecia occuring and needing to purchase hair replacements. 2.) Changing Styles – Ponytails and buns may be good for the ends of your hair, but not so much for the hairline and temples where the hair is delicate. Of course, it’s fine to wear these styles, as long as you remember to change the part and loosen your hair at night. Also, consider picking a few up do’s and down styles you like based on the time of year or what you’re doing in life. Change them up to give your hairline a break. 3.) Children – (Traction Alopecia is now happening at a younger age) Interestingly, a rise in receding hairlines at a younger age seemed to coincide with the availability of home relaxer kits. Especially seen in children approaching their teen years, a balding hairline could have been prevented if a professional was applying these chemicals for straightening. Leaving chemicals on too long, or using one that is too strong is going to damage the follicle. While you may be saving money short term, you’ll regret not letting a professional do it. Again, once a follicle is dead, there is no regrowing the missing hair. If you continue to relax you or your children’s hair at home, make sure you remember; a. Do NOT shampoo your hair 7-10 days before relaxing. b. Avoid scratching your scalp – an irritated area will result in burning from the chemicals c. Do a strand test. Even if you haven’t been allergic before, do this before every relaxer.Traction Alopecia already effecting your life? We would love to meet you at HPIHair and see how we can help!

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