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“Bad Hair Day” airing on TLC
The "Bad Hair Day" logo on a TLC-blue background.

“Bad Hair Day” airing on TLC

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Bad Hair Day Airing on TLC 08/24/22 at 9pm CT

What’s new in TV this week? Glad you asked.

TLC’s new reality show, “Bad Hair Day”, brings to light a subject many do not like to discuss with friends and family…hair and scalp problems. This upcoming new series will highlight real people suffering from hair and scalp issues. Whether or not you are a fan of reality TV, this show will hopefully bring more awareness to the hair loss community. The six-episode series features three doctors who specialize in hair-related medical disorders. Dr. Isha Lopez and Dr. Meena Singh are both dermatologists and Dr. Angie Phipps is a hair restoration surgeon.

You are not alone in your hair and scalp struggles. HPIHair uses a science-based approach for our treatment plans. Our trichology and hair loss team get to the root cause of your hair issues and creates custom, individualized plans. Don’t wait, contact us today to start your hair journey with a compassionate and trusted team of hair professionals.

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