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Best Ways to Stop Hair Thinning in 2016

Best Ways to Stop Hair Thinning in 2016

best ways to stop hair thinning in 2016

It’s officially 2016 and there’s no better time to finally get the hair you’ve always wanted (or restore the natural look you once took pride in). Whether you’ve been battling thinning hair for years or it’s a recent issue, check out these tips to put an end to the problem this year. 1. Loosen the tension in your hairstyles. Many people love to wear their hair in tight ponytails or up-do’s because it feels more secure that way. However, this is one of the worst things you can do to your hair. Making a habit of wearing tight hairstyles, blow drying your hair straight with a brush, or wearing your hair up while you sleep can actually cause traction alopecia, a medical term from hair loss or hair thinning that results from too much pressure on the hair follicles. 2. Put down the heat styling tools. Few things are more damaging and dehydrating to your hair than styling with heat, especially if you have thinning hair. If you just can’t live without that blow-dry or freshly-curled look, always use a heat protectant product before styling your hair with a heat tool of any kind. 3. Know your body and your history. Hair loss or hair thinning can often result from changes in your health. Things like pregnancy or childbirth, hormonal changes, menopause, or medical conditions are all common causes. Take care of your body by eating a healthy diet and watch out for signs that there could be a bigger issue. Hair loss or hair thinning is often genetic, so if someone in your family experienced hair loss, there’s a good chance that could be the reason you are, too. 4. Condition your hair. If your hair is feeling thin or brittle, never skip the conditioner when you wash your hair. It also might help to try to deep conditioning treatment once a week, or an easy home remedy like the ones in this post. 5. Consider a professional treatment. Many people don’t realize what treatment options are available to treat their thinning hair. At HPIHair, we have low light laser therapy treatments, in home treatments, and stimulants and supplements that can work wonders for clients experiencing thinning hair or hair loss. Schedule a complimentary, private consultation with one of our experts who can guide you through the best treatment process for you.

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