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The Secret to Hair Growth….a Limited Time Offer!

The Secret to Hair Growth….a Limited Time Offer!

the secret to hair growth...a limited time offer!

Concerned with thinning hair or balding? Here’s a secret…. Low Light Laser Therapy can stimulate hair growth! HPIHair describes how it works and offers a limited time special! Blonde-male-headshot.jpg Low Light Laser Therapy effectively works to increase blood flow in the scalp and stimulate metabolisim in the hair follicles in the catagen or telogen phases, which results in the production of anagen hair, or hair growth. This eventually puts a stop to hair loss and leaves the client with healthier, thicker hair. You might be a candidate to regrow your hair with Low Light Laser Therapy! HPI is offering complementary consultations to see if Low Light Laser Therapy is the right solution for you! Special Promotion: Six Month Professional LLLT Program – $200 discount 12 Month Professional LLLT Program – $500 discount + 4 FREE Electronic Scalp Treatments ($180 value) Offer Ends May 15th, 2016!

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