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New Year, New You & Hair Loss Solutions
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New Year, New You & Hair Loss Solutions

new year, new you & hair loss solutions

If you’ve been seeing your hair thinning or experiencing hair loss, make it your New Year’s resolution to improve your confidence. By now, you’ve probably heard of us, but if you’ve not heard of HPIHair, we can help you achieve your hair restoration goals. Below we list our top solutions to stop hair loss and help with hair regrowth:

Non-invasive Treatments. Scalp injections and professional growth factors with microneedling can help with hair loss by using specific growth factors to initiate new hair growth.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). Our professional laser treatment, which contains 185 laser lights, can help stimulate blood and nutrient flow into the scalp. We also offer at home laser devices to use on the go and in the comfort of your own home.

Topical Treatments & Prescription Medications. Topical treatments like stimulating scalp treatments, growth serums, and strengthening serums help improve scalp health by ensuring healthy hair and promote a healthy environment for hair growth. Topical prescription medications, which can be customized to your needs, can be applied to areas of thinning or hair loss to support hair growth and minimize hair shedding. Our Replenology subscription offers you everything you need each month: a shampoo, conditioner, nutriment, and vitamins.

Supplements. HLCC Scripts Complete is an all natural multi vitamin that offers DHT-blocking properties along with essential vitamins for hair health. 

Blood Testing. Help identify any nutritional or vitamin deficiencies and any underlying medical issues that may be contributing to your hair loss.

Hair Enhancements. We use 100% natural European hair to give you a natural look that can be washed and styled like your own hair.  

If you would like to learn more about our hair loss solutions please contact us today at 615.662.8722. 

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