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“How to be a Friend to Those in Need”

“How to be a Friend to Those in Need”

"how to be a friend to those in need"

On Monday, March 21st, Kimberly Vaughn of HPIHair had the opportunity to speak to the 3-21_Presentation_-_Rotary-446360-edited.jpgCool Springs Rotary Club! The topic “How to be a friend to those in need,” catered perfectly to the HPIHair outreach for anyone experiencing hair loss for any reason. When it comes to hair loss, many people experience it, but no one talks about it. So when you do find a friend you can confide in it makes a world of difference.
At HPIHair Partners, we are the friend you can confide in. We provide a complimentary consultation to simply listen! We want to make sure you are heard when it comes to how you look and ultimately feel about yourself. Kimberly continues to explain the heart behind HPIHair, “Within the name HPIHair; we care, we listen, we have solutions, we restore appearance and confidence, we are your friend and hair partner!”

Kimberly invited Nashville Alopecia Areata Support Group Leader Becky Hibbs to speak to the Cool Springs Rotary Club as well. 3-21_Presentation_-_Rotary_3-532461-edited.jpgLiving with Alopecia Areata Universalis herself, Becky talked about how Kimberly became a friend to her by offering a space for her group to meet if needed, as well as putting the word out to clients if anyone needed an outlet of support.

“Sometimes you don’t know who is actually helping who when you lend a hand to someone in need”, says Kimberly.

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