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How to Care for your Hair Enhancement!

How to Care for your Hair Enhancement!

how to care for your hair enhancement!

When you wear a human hair enhancement (full or partial), you need to know how to take care of it! The “non-growing” hair is not living, so there are a few extra steps that can be difficult to remember. Whether you wear it more permanently or temporarily with clips or tape, caring for your enhancement is important when it comes to the longevity of the piece as well as your happiness with your investment!

At HPIHair, we don’t let you leave our salon without understanding how to care for your hair. We will take you through this step by step process to show you it’s not as hard as it may seem. If you’ve had a hair addition for a while and have fallen off the hair care wagon, consider this a helpful reminder. If you’re new to wearing hair and never knew how to properly take care of it, the following instructions will restore your enhancement help to maintain it for a long time. 

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  • Always shampoo your non-growing hair on head or attached to a form using a chin strap to hold in place as well as T-pins around perimeter. Shampoo twice a week if worn constantly and one time a week if seldom worn. Shampooing ensures the hair is kept clean and moisturized which is the key to longevity.
  • ALWAYS Keep hair flowing in its natural direction (do not rub or scrub in circular motions) to avoid tangling and inverting into cap. Wet hair well with warm water from scalp to ends and lather a nickel to quarter size amount of shampoo (massaged in hands) from scalp to ends in a smooth downward motion.
  • LONG HAIR – use wide tooth comb to comb shampoo from ends of the hair gradually working upwards toward scalp/base. Never excessively pull or tug on hair.
  • Rinse well with warm then cool water. Repeat shampoo if styling product is used, to ensure all product is removed from hair and completely clean.


  • *IMPORTANT: Do not apply conditioner directly on the knots of the hair ONLY from the middle of the hair strands down to the end.
  • Comb conditioner through hair as described above with shampoo
  • Leave in hair for 2-3 minutes
  • Rinse with warm then cool water
  • Protein Treatment – Treat once a week. Ask the expert technicians at HPIHair for their recommends and any special instructions.
  • Drying – Permanently attached hair should be blotted, blotted, & blotted again to remove as much moisture as possible. HPI recommends a friction free towel to assist with this process.
  • Temporary hair wearers – Dry hair on a towel, hair side down, and roll as you would fragile garments. Blot as you roll.
  • Styling – Apply styling products or moisture oil. Long hair should always be protected by a leave-in treatment prior to drying or using any type of heat styling tool.
  • Style hair on head or form (make certain the base mesh cap of full cap prosthetics are completely dry prior to placing on a Styrofoam form.
  • Use a drying stand to ensure base of cap is dry to ensure cap does not stretch.
  • IF using a hair dryer to finish drying, make sure to use MEDIUM to LOW heat.
  • Hair needs to be 75% dry before styling with a brush or applying any tension to the hair.
  • HPI recommends air drying to finish (no iron), or as much as possible before using a low heat setting blow dryer. **Make sure non-growing hair is dry before applying hot styling tools!

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