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New Oral Hair Loss Treatment
The low dose chemical structure of minoxidil for hair loss.

New Oral Hair Loss Treatment

HPIHair uses a science-based approach with our clients suffering from hair and scalp conditions. We continue to learn and follow updates on any news or innovative technology regarding hair and scalp issues. A recent article in the Seattle Times reveals another use for Minoxidil, the well-known drug for treating hair loss. Most people know of using a foam or liquid form of Minoxidil for hair regrowth. Minoxidil was first approved by the FDA in 1988. The medicine’s use as a hair-growth treatment was discovered as minoxidil pills were being used to treat high blood pressure. A side effect of these high dose pills was hair growth all over the body. A manufacturer took advantage of this side effect and developed a lotion, originally known as Rogaine.

Now some dermatologists are taking the generic form of Rogaine, Minoxidil, and prescribing very low doses orally to those with hair loss. According to Dr. Brett King, a dermatologist at Yale School of Medicine, using a lower dose is an inexpensive way to create hair growth. Minoxidil used in this manner is considered “off-label” and has not been approved by the FDA. The growing number of dermatologists using this low dose formula have seen success and are continuing to prescribe for hair loss. Whether or not this use of oral Minoxidil will ever be approved by the FDA, there are studies showing that this is a safe and effective use of the drug.

Another dermatologist at the University of Melbourne in Australia, Dr. Rodney Sinclair, published a research paper regarding results with low dose minoxidil. His experience started with a female patient with female pattern baldness who was not able to use topical minoxidil without a rash developing. He found success in her hair density when he replaced the topical with the lower oral dose.

Read the entire Seattle Times article HERE.

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