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2016 New Year, New You – New Hair, New Do!

2016 New Year, New You – New Hair, New Do!

2016 new year, new you - new hair, new do!

It’s 2016, Hurray! What you need is a new hair style for the new year! You’re working on a few New Year’s resolutions, (working out, eating healthy) which will take some time to get the hang of and see results. What you need is a resolution with immediate success! Changing your hair is just what you need. Whether it’s a new cut, color or new hair piece to give you some options this year, and it’s a resolution easy to accomplish! Here’s what you need to remember when figuring out your new look. Stereotypes – Don’t let society tell you how to look! Let your grays shine if you like them…don’t cover them up! Just because Nancy next door thinks gray makes her look old, it doesn’t mean you look old with grays. Gray is in for all ages right now! Rock it sister! Short hair, don’t care – Short cuts are not just for women of a more experienced age or what society might call “mom haircuts”. If you want short hair….cut your hair short! You Define You – your hair does not! Rock a cut that fits your new 2016 outlook on life! Compliments – Smile and Accept! Remember, a new hairdo will attract attention, so be encouraged to accept those compliments and own your new look! You deserve the positive feedback! You’re “New Year, New You” hairdo needs to be because you need a change, not because you’re at a point in life where some trendy societal rule says you should look a certain way. You are who you believe you are; create your new look – short, long, blonde, gray, extensions, wigs or no hair at all! – Rock it in 2016!

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