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Microscopic view of human scalp and hair strands
Permanent Make Up & Scalp Micropigmentation
Permanent Make Up & Scalp Micropigmentation

Permanent Make Up & Scalp Micropigmentation

Permanent makeup & scalp micropigmentation

“I couldn’t be happier with the process.  Julie is a true artist and professional. Her technique, color blending and attention to the small details of my eyebrows couldn’t be more spot on!” – Brena

We offer professional permanent makeup and scalp micropigmentation services for anyone. We specialize in these techniques for those who are suffering from hair loss; chemotherapy, alopecia areata, totalis, univresalis, and genetics.  Men and women alike experience this challenge and we can help!

Scalp Micropigmentation-Female Hairline

Scalp Micropigmentation has been a popular go-to for men to create a more full looking buzz cut or fresh edge for some time now, but techniques have come a long way since then. Thu uses small “follicle” tattoos to recreate and lower thinning hairlines for women. This technique also adds depth back to the hairline, showing less exposed skin when the hair is pulled back. She has also seen great results with scalp micropigmentation to hide scars on the head where hair stopped growing after injury.

Microblading is our most popular form of permanent makeup. Microblading creates individual hair strokes to restore thinning eyebrows with a natural look. Thu’s brows are perfectly measured and designed to your liking.

Microbladed Eyebrows – Female

We Offer:

– Brow Shading/Microblading
– Top & Bottom Eye Liner
– Lip Liner
– Full Lip Color
– Ombre Lip Color
– Scalp Micropigmentation

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