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How to Stimulate Hair Regrowth
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How to Stimulate Hair Regrowth

Naturally treat your hair loss and promote hair regrowth! This little treatment offers stimulation and increases blood circulation to the scalp along with increasing cell production and collagen.

Researchers at the Perelman School of Medicine, at the University of Pennsylvania, have discovered that mildly wounding the scalp or micro-bleeding may be the big hair loss cure of the future we’ve been searching for. Derma-rolling has been used in the aesthetics industry for years with successful results. The treatment works the same for the scalp.

By rolling the device below and causing small wounds in the scalp we trigger a reaction of harm to the skin which then in turn promotes a healing response and stimulation.

The result of Derma-rolling stimulates regeneration in the areas it is applied to, it can also work to stimulate hair regrowth (in places where hair loss has occurred). The scalp and face (think beards) are most commonly effected in a positive way!

Increased blood circulation in the scalp may also help because the increased blood flow may help remove more DHT from the hair shaft –providing a reduction in DHT.

Professional Laser treatment or LLLT is the most effective proven way to stimulate the blood flow across the entire scalp promoting less shedding and new hair regrowth.

This cold red laser light is absorbed by specialized cells deep within the follicle, providing energy to enhance cellular respiration and hair growth.

Blood flow and circulation is a hair follicles best friend!  Consider your natural options to a healthy growing experience.

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