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Sunshine is not always the best medicine!
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Sunshine is not always the best medicine!

sunshine is not always the best medicine!

Most of us anticipate summer all year round! Between the sun, the golden tans, the outdoor activities, & the upbeat attitudes, what’s not to love about summer!? They often say, “Sunshine is the best medicine.” While there is some truth to that, we have to make sure we’re protected from the dangers that come along with the excitement of the sunshine! While sunscreen is the primary tool to protect your skin from harmful rays, other elements can play a huge role keeping your skin safe in the summer sun we all love so much! SUNSCREEN & HAT or VISOR: Make sure your beach bag is loaded with sun-protection next time you’re headed to the pool or beach. It’s especially important to protect your scalp if you have thinning hair. The harmful rays that cause sunburn can penetrate thin hair and burn your scalp, thus increasing your odds of developing melanoma in that area. Make sure to put sunscreen on your scalp or wear a hat. Don’t forget your ears – make sure they get a coating of sunscreen or are protected under the wide brim of a hat. SUNGLASSES: You should be just as concerned about the type of lenses in your sunglasses as you are about how they look on you in the mirror. The darker the lens doesn’t necessarily mean they are better. Sunglasses should provide 100% UV protection, blocking all UVA, UVB & UVC rays. The best way to check is to take them to your optician. Most LensCrafter stores will check them for free. Those with light-colored eyes are more susceptible to sun damage because they have less melanin, which is a protective factor in the back of their eyes. LIP BALM: It shouldn’t be difficult to find a lip balm to your liking with a minimum SPF 15, preferably SPF 30. Make sure it’s a staple in your bag! You can choose a colorless or any one of the wide variety of colors that are available. OUTDOOR ACTIVITIES: The sun is most damaging between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., so plan your outdoor activities accordingly for maximum benefit! HAIR PROTECTION PRODUCT: Hair can use an extra layer of sun protection. There are products in spray-on or leave-in form that protect the hair from drying out quickly and color fading from sun damage. MILBON: Products are SUCH a great way to preserve your hair! Summer hair calls for more attention to moisturizing and repair products to keep the hydration in that the heat & sun removes. Although we should be using a thermal protectant and often times moisturizing mist or leave-in conditioner year-round to preserve our hair from any heat damage, this is a styling secret that comes especially handy in the summertime! HPI is the ONLY salon in the Nashville area that carries a full line of Milbon professional products that are formulated specifically for processed or damaged hair! There’s no reason to put your life on hold just because the sun is shining! We want you to go out & enjoy your summer! However, we want to make sure everyone has some good tips & tricks on how to be safe while doing so! The time for “Hairapy” is now! Let us here at HPI Nashville help educate & nurture your locks back to great health! “It’s a smile, it’s a kiss, it’s a sip of wine, it’s Summertime!”- Kenny Chesney

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