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The 23rd Annual Trichotillomania Conference 2016

The 23rd Annual Trichotillomania Conference 2016

the 23rd annual trichotillomania conference 2016

As HPIHair is a partner in your hair loss journey, we want to make sure you have the outlets and TLC_Learning_Center.jpginformation you need while you’re on this journey. Coming up in April is an event for those of you struggling with Trichotillomania. The Trichotillomania Learning Center is hosting the 23rd Annual Conference on BFRBs on April 15th -17th in Dallas, TX. Who would be positively affected by this conference? People of all ages living with pulling, picking and related behaviors, their familes and loved ones, clinicians looking to improve their strategies for treating these disorders and interested researchers. Visit this link for more information : TLC Conference 2016

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