Trichology Consultation

HPIHair Partners has helped those suffering from genetic or medical-related hair loss for more than 35 years. Offering the latest in non-surgical hair restoration technology, our professional hair restoration and replacement team helps clients get to the root of their hair loss by guiding them through each stage of regrowth and restoration.

We have worked to develop a consultation package that gets to the root of the cause, quickly.

After an initial consultation, our team will create a custom, personalized plan for you based on your medical history and future needs. We then walk you through your lab results and our analysis during your second appointment, setting you up to achieve optimal results.

Our approach to hair preservation, restoration and replacement is a multi-faceted approach that is proven to provide the best results. Below you will find more details about your initial consultation and follow-up appointment. We look forward to working with you to assess your needs and help you achieve optimal results.

Initial Consultation

This 60-minute consultation will begin with a detailed intake form and conversation with a team member. We will take initial bloodwork, test DHT levels and explore hair loss history.

A follow-up appointment is suggested within 5-7 days.

  • Bloodwork

    – Initial bloodwork, test DHT levels

  • Medical History

    – Medications/Supplements
    – Medical history
    – Family history
    – Allergies
    – Surgeries
    – Diet

  • Hair Care

    – How often do you wash?
    – What products are being used?
    – Dry products?
    – What are your concerns?
    – What are your expectations?

Review Lab Results + Customized Plan

During your second appointment, we will review and discuss your results and create a customized plan with our Certified Trichologist & Nurse Practioner, Reena Bhakta.

hair loss consultation
  • Lab Results

    – Review lab results, explaining normal, high and low range and importance of optimal levels to correct hair thinning and loss.
    – Additional lab work if needed due to results of DHT review.
    Note: Additional lab work will be submitted to insurance carrier or can be self-paid

  • Analysis & Customized Plan

    – Trichology hair & scalp analysis
    – Digital images
    – Design customized plan based on findings, including next steps for hair and scalp hair growth and restoration

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This in-depth, two-step consultation process is $249. HSA and FSAs may be used if accepted by your provider.