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Autumn Allergies and Alopecia Areata. Is there a correlation?

Autumn Allergies and Alopecia Areata. Is there a correlation?

autumn allergies and alopecia areata: is there a correlation?

According to the AHLA (, researchers believe alopecia areata is an autoimmune disease (such as rheumatoid arthritis) where the individual’s own immune system attacks hair follicles. Just why or how AA develops is not clear, however, researchers believe there are a wide range of contributing factors.

Alongside hormones, stress & viruses – ALLERGIES are considered to be a contributing factor involved in the activation of AA. Typical fall allergies may very likely be a “trigger” in the compromisation of the immune system, which could lead to the onset of AA. With all forms of alopecia areata, your body’s immune system attacks your healthy hair follicles, causing them to become much smaller and drastically slow down production to the point that hair growth may stop (

Although this type of hair loss is typically temporary, it can be incredibly frustrating waiting for the follicles to produce healthy hair again. If you are noticing the onset of shedding this fall, call HPIHair today at (615) 662-8722. Our expert consultants offer complimentary and confidential consultations, and will help you sort through your options and choose the best solution for you.

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