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BFRB Super Hero Overcomes Trichophagia
Trichophagia, Trichotillomania, Nashville, TN

BFRB Super Hero Overcomes Trichophagia

BFRB Super hero overcomes trichophagia

The kids in our TLC community face incredible challenges with their BFRB’s (Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors). Sometimes every month, every week, every day is a challenge. And yet, our kids show such resilience and strength!

At eleven years old, Emily is one our BFRB superheroes.

She showed the first signs of hair pulling at only six months old, although her parents had not yet identified it as trichotillomania.

Emily ingested her hair after pulling, known as trichophagia which is common among hair pullers, but also dangerous. At seven, she required surgery to remove a life-threatening mass of hair from her stomach.

BRFRB Super Hero Overcomes Trichophagia

Armed with the support of her family and the resources she accessed through The TLC Foundation, Emily has overcome trichophagia.

In addition to swimming, acting, singing, and earning a first-degree black belt in tae kwon do, Emily, who still lives with trichotillomania, is determined to raise awareness about BFRB’s and encourages others to seek out help with their BFRB.

HPIHair offers hair coverage prosthetics and hair enhancements to help the BFRB community. Many of our current trichotillomania clients have good results by attaching a custom designed hair enhancement to cover the area of pulling or picking. By attaching the enhancement to the surrounding hair or scalp this precludes continued pulling in the same area causing long term damage to the hair, even complete baldness overtime.

The staff at HPIHair specializes in treatment for our BFRB friends. We have a private confidential approach to our services and are willing to help you and your family today. We are only a phone call or Facetime appointment away!

Your gift to TLC makes transformation stories like Emily’s possible. Your donations help children and families provide resources and treatment providers educated in evidence-based practices so that these children can thrive. These contributions also funds scientific research so that we will soon have more effective treatments and even a cure.

Please take a moment now to make your gift to support TLC’s youngest BFRB superheroes. To make your gift today, visit

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