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How Diet Effects Hair Loss
Healthy Food

How Diet Effects Hair Loss

how diet effects hair loss

There are many factors that influence our hair. Genetics, medications pollution, medical conditions, hair products, and our diet all play a role in how healthy or unhealthy our hair is. If you want stronger and healthier hair be sure to include these key areas in your diet daily:

  1. Lean proteins: eggs, chicken, and lentils.
  2. Iron: spinach, beef, beans, and tofu.
  3. Omega 3-fatty acids: salmon, walnuts, flaxseeds, and chia seeds.
  4. Zinc and selenium: oysters, chickpeas, and Greek yogurt.
  5. Vitamins A, C, & E: nuts and seeds, blueberries, carrots, and avocados.

If you are following the above and are experiencing hair shedding and excessive loss, consider opting for specific blood testing.  The AlopeciaDX tests specific minerals and considers amino acids which are critical to strong healthy hair!

It’s important to eat a clean diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables along with proper water intake. Avoid processed foods and sugar. What you put into your body has an impact on the health of your hair as well as your general health.

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