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The "Bad Hair Day" logo on a TLC-blue background.

“Bad Hair Day” airing on TLC

Watch the Trailer Below: Bad Hair Day Airing on TLC 08/24/22 at 9pm CT What’s new in TV this week? Glad you asked. TLC’s new reality show, “Bad Hair Day”, brings to light a subject many do not like to

The low dose chemical structure of minoxidil for hair loss.

New Oral Hair Loss Treatment

HPIHair uses a science-based approach with our clients suffering from hair and scalp conditions. We continue to learn and follow updates on any news or innovative technology regarding hair and scalp issues. A recent article in the Seattle Times reveals

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month, and during this time, a woman is carefully examining her hair on a computer screen.

Did you know?

August is National Hair Loss Awareness Month At HPIHair, every day is Hair Loss Awareness! Since August has been dedicated to hair loss, we wanted to take the opportunity to discuss this issue that effects men, women, and children. Hair

Alopecia Hair Loss

Successful Alopecia Areata Drug Trials!

Alopecia Areata Drug trials The National Alopecia Areata Foundation estimated that 6.8 million Americans are affected by this auto-immune skin condition. With the large number of citizens affected, it is great news that clinical trials are showing success. HPIHair stays

Doctor examining patient's hair

Exciting News! Hope Medicine and Hair Loss Treatment

Hope medicine and hair loss treatment Such exciting news! HPIHair wanted you to be the first to know that hair loss solutions are on the horizon! Hope Medical has FDA approval with new treatment options for male and female androgenetic alopecia! 


FDA’s Approach & Interest in New Balding Drugs

What is in store for the hair loss community? FDA’s Approach & interest in new balding drugs As we have recently observed, the powers of the FDA can be ramped to warp speed when a natural disaster occurs and thousands


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